Introducing the Future of Garage Organization: Garage Pro by Cooper

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We are proud to unveil our latest innovation – the all-new patent pending Garage Pro by Cooper with the Elite Series Finish. Crafted with the precision and passion we are known for, these cabinets redefine affordability, durability, functionality, and style for your garage space.

Built to Last

Made from an exceptionally moisture-resistant OSB material, our garage cabinets are engineered to withstand the test of time, providing years of reliable service in any kind of garage climate.

Affordable Organization at Your Fingertips

These customizable cabinets will help to organize your space without draining your wallet by providing you with all the functionality and durability of products costing much more.

Customization at Its Finest

Garage Pro by Cooper is available in three finishes and the Elite Series finish will set your cabinets apart from the ordinary.

Assembly Made Simple

With over 58 years of manufacturing experience, Cooper Enterprises ensures that assembly is a breeze. Our new system is designed for quick, accurate, sturdy assembly, providing you with the ultimate convenience.

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Elevate your garage to new heights with Garage Pro by Cooper – where quality and durability meets affordability. Experience the difference that over five decades of manufacturing excellence can make. Order yours today and transform your garage into a space that’s as impressive as it is organized.

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