New equipment at Cooper Enterprises promotes safety and improves efficiency

Posted on: July 17, 2018
Bundle Turner
Pictured above: Packman bundle turner

SHELBY, Ohio — Cooper Enterprises, Inc. has acquired two new machines: a bundle turner and vacuum lifter. This equipment helps Cooper Enterprises maintain high levels of safety and quality while improving efficiency.

The bundle turner clamps units up to 6,000 pounds and flips the load. Operating next to a planer sander, the bundle turner will mostly be used for inverting bowling alley lanes and bundle boards in between sanding both sides of the material.

The benefit of the bundle turner, named “Packman” and supplied by Thomas Manufacturing, is threefold: safety, speed and quality. With the Packman, boards no longer need to be flipped by hand, which makes the process much safer and faster. The machine is also safe for the material, ensuring that quality is maintained.

The vacuum lifter uses a Gorbel bridge crane with an Anver vacuum system. The vacuum system is rated to safely handle 500 pounds. This system lifts and holds material for safe and simple movement from workstations to shipping pallets. Risk of injury and fatigue from lifting heavy objects are significantly decreased.

“While the bundle turner and the vacuum lifter both excel at streamlining production, resulting in measurable increases to efficiency, both additions are invaluable by removing the hazards associated with lifting awkward or heavy items,” said Ralph Boltz, safety and quality coordinator. “Completely removing a hazard is the best way to make a workplace safe. The bundle turner and vacuum lifter go a long way in protecting our most important asset—our employees.”

Cooper Enterprises, Inc. is a contract fabricator of wood and laminated components and complete assemblies. The panel processor serves many industries across the United States, including store fixture, commercial casework, office furniture, recreational product and industrial component markets.

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