Office Solutions for Social Distancing

Posted on: July 23, 2020

In an April 2020 survey conducted by Statista, 29% of working adults were working from home. As businesses are starting to reopen, many employees are also returning to office environments. Open floor plans and shared workstations have been popular in offices in recent years, which can make social distancing a challenge. Cooper Enterprises has created new products that can help keep you and your fellow employees safe.

Cubicle Extender

Cubicle Extenders

Cubicle wall extenders lengthen the height of walls by 24 inches. No drilling or tools are required for installation. Buy online or learn more.

Freestanding Floor Divider

Freestanding Floor Dividers

Transparent acrylic or opaque polycarbonate shields can divide rooms and workstations. Learn more or buy online (with free shipping).

Table Dividers Gif

Folding Dividers

Table dividers are perfect for conference room and break room tables. They can be configured in many ways and folded to store when not in use. Learn more.

Acrylic Shield

Cashier Shields

Cashier shields are very versatile. They can be a barrier at reception lobbies or on tables and countertops. Buy online or learn more.

If you’re looking for custom solutions, we are happy to help! We understand the importance of having a safe work environment. What are your plans for returning workers? Let us know!

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