We make getting the perfect closets perfectly easy

Introducing the most unfair advantage in the custom closet industry

The Cooper configurator allows customers to design any closet system they want, price it, and send the order directly to our production floor. In a matter of days, we’ll deliver precisely what was ordered at the price that was promised and the scale required. No surprises, no back and forth, and no do-overs.

Our configurator is currently under construction/or in service. Please call 419.347.5232 and ask for our friendly sales team.

Any design you can think of, with a simple process you’ve only dreamed of:


Configurator Example 1

Whatever your customers can imagine, they can design. Any size, any shape, any storage or organizational needs – we can fulfill any and all requests!


Configurator Pricing

Our dynamic software will price your customers’ designs as they go, so they can stay within their budget or splurge for any must-haves.


Configurator Production

With one click, your customer’s order goes directly to our production floor, eliminating the need for middle men and guaranteeing they get their order in a fraction of the time.


Configurator Fullfillment

Fewer steps mean fewer surprises. Or, in our case – none. We’ll deliver precisely what was ordered at the price it was promised, when it was promised.

No delays. No surprises. No limits.

Cooper Check


With the Configurator, we’ve slashed the time it takes to deliver custom closets, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Cooper Check


Custom closets used to take weeks to design, with dozens of emails to ensure satisfaction. Not anymore.

Cooper Check

save MONEY

The streamlined design and ordering process translates to a big reduction in project costs, whether it’s an individual home or a commercial-level project.

Cooper Check


With more than 700 configuration options, whatever your customers can imagine is what you can offer them!

Cooper Check


Ordering exactly what you want is just the beginning. Knowing you’ll get exactly what you ordered is how we keep customers coming back.

Cooper Check

Repeat Orders

If you’ve landed on the perfect closet design and need a high quantity or the option to repeat your order, it’s easy to get your custom closet over and over again. 

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