Folding Dividers for Tables and Desks

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Social Distancing in Classrooms, Lunchrooms and Conference Rooms

Folding dividers provide a simple solution for social distancing in educational settings, offices and cafeterias. Cooper Enterprises’ dividers are made of sturdy, transparent plastic that can be configured in many ways. Panels can be added, removed or replaced as needed. When not in use, the panels can be folded and easily carried with an integrated handle.

Personal Handheld Units

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2 Sided Divider
2-sided divider for student desks.

Three-sided units are for personal use and are easy to transport. The lightweight, acrylic sides fold together to create a handle. At school settings, if each student is issued a unit, then the units only need to be cleaned once per day. This can help you save on janitorial costs.

These units are sold in a kit of 1 center panel, 2 wings and 4 connecting rings. We can also provide 2-sided units that are designed to fit with a student desk attached to a chair or a small desk surface. Or, you can buy individual components for other configurations (see below).

Modular Table Dividers

Our modular table dividers are made up of three parts: plastic center panels, wing panels and connecting rings. They can be configured in many ways depending on the table or desk. Below are examples of possible configurations. The components are sold as individual parts. We also have solutions for semi-permanence and slanted desks. All panels have two holes in each corner for more layout options.

Lecture Hall Divider Curved
Lecture Hall Divider Straight
Wide Dividers

Center panel: 23.5” W x 23.5” H | Wing: 15.5” W x 23.5” H | Specs are subject to change based on material availability. We can also produce panels in twin wall polycarbonate.

Product Benefits

  • One person can assemble and disassemble the dividers.
  • A carrying handle makes for easy transport of the light-weight dividers.
  • The dividers are not permanent structures; they can be folded and stored when not in use. This allows for easy disinfection and cleaning.
  • These modular systems can be configured in many different ways to fit your table surface. The same panels can be used for circular tables, curved tables, long tables and more.
  • The dividers are made from sturdy, transparent plastic with rounded corners for safety.

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How to Clean

Use a microfiber cloth and soapy water to clean acrylic panels. Lightly blot the surface and do not use too much pressure. Remove remaining liquid with a dry microfiber cloth.

Do not use paper towels, as they can scratch the surface.

Avoid using ammonia based products (common home glass cleaners) because they may contain harmful chemicals that can damage the material.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide (3%-5%) or isopropyl alcohol (diluted with water to 30% strength).

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