Cubicle Wall Extenders

Social Distancing Shields for Offices

Cubicle Wall Extenders

Cubicle wall extenders can lengthen the height of cubicles to help employees practice social distancing in their offices. Cooper Enterprises’ cubicle wall extenders are made of thick, clear acrylic and are designed to work with 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ cubicle walls. No drilling or tools are needed for installation. The acrylic is inserted into black feet that attach to the top of the cubicle wall. There are two feet per shield. The feet are designed to use with standard 3″ wide cubicle walls. Different types of feet are available upon request. The height of the extenders, including the feet, is 24 inches.

Standard widths (inches) of shields:

  • 23 3/4
  • 29 3/4
  • 35 3/4
  • 41 3/4
  • 47 3/4

Two-way clips are available to connect the extenders along a row of cubicles.

Please request a quote for bulk orders and custom sizes.

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