Safety Products

Cooper Enterprises has launched a new line of safety products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cashier Shield2

Cashier / Counter Shields

Made of clear acrylic, cashier shields are used at pharmacies, banks and retailers. Placed at checkout lanes, the plastic guards are a barrier between employees and customers.

Counter Divider

Countertop Dividers

Countertop dividers rest on counters, tables or bar tops and can separate patrons.

Cubicle Wall Extender

Cubicle Wall Extenders

Cubicle wall extenders help employees practice social distancing in their workplaces. Acrylic extenders come in a variety of sizes.

Face Shield

Face Shields

Plastic face shields are used among both medical professionals and non-medical employees to help prevent splashes and the spread of germs. We have two face shield strap options: elastic or adjustable plastic. Minimum order quantity of 25.

Personal Divideredit2

Folding Dividers for Tables and Desks

Our portable, folding dividers are great for classrooms, cafeterias, offices and more. They can be assembled in multiple configurations depending on the size and shape of your tables and desks.

Freestanding Floor Divider

Freestanding Floor Dividers

Tall, freestanding dividers are perfect for gyms, salons and restaurants.

Golf Cart Shield Final

Golf Cart Partitions

Partitions for golf carts separate the driver and passenger. The polycarbonate shield is secured to the cart by bungee cords. Minimum order quantity of 10.

Modular Wall Systems

Waiting Room Partitions / Modular Wall Systems

Wood partitions can come in a variety of finishes or choose twin wall polycarbonate. They provide spacing between seats in lobbies and waiting rooms.

Workplace Safety Shield

Workplace Shields

Similar to cashier shields, workplace shields can be installed at workstations to help prevent the spread of illness between employees.

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