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Ceiling Tile
Acoustic ceiling tile

Decorative wall panels and ceiling tiles can easily add dimension to commercial interiors. They can incorporate visual elements of brands into office buildings. Schools can likewise display their mascot and school colors. Wall panels are also popular in hospitals, restaurants, airports and retailers.

Because we have extensive CNC and laminating equipment, we can economically produce any volume of custom panels. We offer basic to complex machining on the face and edge to provide you the exact solution you require.

Custom wall panels can be installed in many ways, including using fasteners, adhesives and clips. Ceiling tiles set on the suspended ceiling track.

Fire-rated ceiling tiles and wall panels

We can also source fire-retardant materials for both the core and surface. For instance, fire-rated MDF is a common choice.

Fire-rated material options include, but are not limited to:

Please visit the websites of the suppliers listed above for specifications.

Acoustical panels

Additionally, we can create acoustical panels with our CNC capabilities. Contact us for more information.

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