Freestanding Floor Dividers

Tall Partitions Suitable for Offices, Gyms, Hair Salons and Restaurants

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Freestanding dividers help separate spaces to aid in social distancing.

The shields attach to a black freestanding frame. You can easily carry or slide the unit. We offer two types of shields: transparent acrylic and twin wall polycarbonate.

The twin wall polycarbonate lets 82% of light pass through. It is light-weight, recyclable and self-extinguishing.

Dimensions: 48″ wide by 72″ tall (from the floor to the top of the shield).

If you purchase 3 shields, you have a 12 foot long divider.

These dividers are easy to assemble and transport, which makes them perfect for retail stores, salons, barber shops, gyms, restaurants, schools and more.

Please contact us for bulk orders of over 20 units, or for special offers if you are a local business in Richland County.

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Folding Floor Panels

Folding Panel Floor

We offer lighweight, folding floor panels made of twin wall polycarbonate. They can be purchased in pairs of 4-foot wide sections. They connect with rings.

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